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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's the Code for Drool?

Drool in school.
As you know, I teach 3rd grade, and I love it. However, it is funny when you can't pronounce what you are teaching. Interrogative. Polyhedron. Pentagonal. Tetrahedron. Dodecagon. I can pronounce 'tongue tied' though. (Sing to the melody of a famous GREASE song 'Stranded at the Drive In').

Stranded... at the white board
Feeling a fool
What will they say
As I am starting to drool....

Secret Codes
Also, did you ever notice that EVERY business has their own 'code'. Doctors say 'STAT' (at least they do on Grey's Anatomy), accountants are 'in the red'. When I used to work with 401K's, we spoke 5500's and Div's. So, it is not strange for me that today I received two interoffice notices, neither of which I understood. 'The WEA is going to call the MTA...' and Friday's professional day is about 'HSS'. Oh, and don't forget to earn your PDP's. Wha? No, I don't need to take a computer class. I need to take code cracking class. (Try to say that 10 times, really fast. Code Cracking Class. Code Cracking Class...)

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melissious said...

Well, as far as the dodecagons and such... you're the teacher, so basically whatever YOU say is written in stone. You could say do-duh-CA-gun if you wanted and they'd just have to accept it and go through their lives pronouncing it like that EVERY time they used it in a sentence.