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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seven Years Bad Luck

That's right. If you break a mirror, you have 7 years bad luck. That is the old wives tale. But what the heck? I didn't break one. So why the bad luck?

I figured it out yesterday, as I missed yet another one of cherub 1's bball days. I have missed all but 2. So basically the whole season. I know, pour me some wine for my whine.

I know that none of our problems are real problems but can I catch a break? Or was last Sat my break? We could make a (really horrible and not so in any particular tune) country song out of 2008:

A lacerated eye ball makes it hard to see
Twisting the wrong way, back pain makes her fall to her knee.
Daddy has a heart attack, mommy's in surgery
Everyone is sick, insanity is the plea.
Two new jobs, each of us going straight out
Don't stop to think, no time to pout.
Balance each ball
Don't let anything fall.
You had your night away sweetie
You don't get more, don't be greedy.

Ok, I am losing it. Aren't you glad you tuned in? Like I said, I know our problems are not earth shattering, just draining. We could use a little divine intervention though.

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