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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Ten

Right before Xmas, cherub 1 was really coming down on cherub 2 for no good reason. She was in the mood (pretty much everyday) to push his buttons and was trying really hard to get him in trouble. I had a heart-to-heart with her about how much he loved her and how it was unfair that she continue to torture him. I asked her to take some time and write a list of 10 reasons that she loves cherub 2.

Top 10 Reason I love cherub 2, written by cherub 1:

He is:
1. Funny
2. Fair
3. Creative
4. Agreeing, sometimes (The sometimes makes me chuckle)
5. Fast
6. Cheerful
7. Sporty
8. My little brother
9. Kind 50/100 times (It was killing her to say he was kind)
10. Sugary (aka-he gets hyper after eating sugar and this makes her laugh)

It took her about 20 minutes to make this list. I could be a wise guy but I must tell you, she really put her heart into it. She was very careful about her descriptions. She told me after that she was going to try to give him a fair shake about things going forward. That lasted about as long as it took her to make the list. :o)

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