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Friday, January 23, 2009

A Mom's Heart Breaks

Cherub 3 is so little. If you have been following our crazy blog you will know that this is his second year battling GI issues. The doctors were leading towards reflux but now his response to the medicine is inconsistent. I feel like he has been through too much already. CAT SCANS, blood work, Xrays, blech. They are now sending him for an upper GI.

This morning he started vomiting again (more than you need to know right before lunch time). While he was sick this is what he said to me:

Cherub 3: (with tears in his eyes) Mom, maybe I put too much salad dressing on my salad last night. Maybe that is why I am sick.

Me: (feeling my heart skip a beat) Buddy, you didn't do ANYTHING wrong. It isn't your fault that your belly hurts. It is nothing you did. The doctors are going to try to help us figure it out, ok? I love you! We are going make everything better.

I had to turn away so he could not see my tears. My little cherub. I think his little comment broke my heart. He is SO little to think he is doing something wrong. Arggh.

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