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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lookalikes get the Licks

Driving home today, cherub 2 was so excited he could barely get his story out:

Cherub 2: MOM! Guess WHAT?
Me: What?
Cherub 2: I got two icecreams at lunch today and I was the ONLY one that got two icecreams!!
Me: Did they serve icecream with hotlunch?
Cherub 2: Yay, and I was the ONLY ONE THAT GOT TWO!
Me: Why did you get two? (Silently praying he didn't swipe the second.)
Cherub 2: Because the cafe aide gave me a second and said I could have it because "I look JUST LIKE MY DADDY!"
Me: Who is the cafe aide?
Cherub 2: (shrugging) I don't know their names. Two ladies. But they know I look like Daddy.
Me: Cherub 1, do you know the cafe aides?
Cherub 1: No.
Me: Well that is awesome! (dial phone to TX)

Hubby: Hi.
Me: So, who are the cafe aides? Do you know them?
Hubby: Wha?
Me: (told story~we are both laughing) So...are you SURE you are in TX and not hanging around with the lunch ladies at the school?

The mystery goes unsolved as to who the aides are. They do however, know both hubby and cherub 2~who DO look exactly alike.

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