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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day vs. Night

Yesterday. Snow day. Fun day. PJ day. Great day.
Played, crafts, unpacked toys, etc. All in their jammies. Cherub 1 had her new friend from next door over. The little chefs made english muffin pizzas for lunch. Played hide-n-seek. Snow day. Fun day. School free day.

Last night. Leak night. Wet night. Mad night. Bad night.
Right before supper I was on the treadmill (btw, don't try to do the 'run' program until you can run-very different from jogging) and cherub 2 screamed, "Mom, it's another leak!" So here is how the next few hours goes:

Use towels to mop up leak. Confirm leak is still in same place it was last time the basement leaked during a snow/ice storm. Pondering why we haven't fixed that. Hmmm.

After temporarily fixing area of leak, I become SOAKED as water is POURING off of roof. Get on ladder to determine that the gutter is FILLED WITH SOLID ICE. Hubby & FIL had JUST cleaned out this gutter like 2 1/2 weeks ago. Grrr to nature. Try to free gutter. Fear causing avalanche on top of me. Stop.

Try to catch water in a cooler. Sure that this will buy me some time to reach hubby in TX and get advice. Within 25 minutes, cooler FULL. Three times in a row I empty cooler. Well, can't do this all night. FIL suggests I pitch wood under the deck so when it goes through it won't leak in basement. Hubby confirms we have no scrap wood. It is at the old house. Prop sleds under to deflect water. Hubby calls to check on me and tells me that I am must be confusing the situation? WHA?

Remember. I am SOAKED, COLD and have been working on this for about an hour and a half. ALL WHILE cookin dinner for cherubs.

I freak out b/c he is thousands of miles away, and I am not sure why he is focusing on the part I am wrong about (I was not explaining where the water was pouring down from correctly-so sue me). He in turn spout out some not nice words.

I finally give up after that call. I took a deep breath. Enjoyed the rest of the night with kids...put them to bed, then sat down with this. All while wondering:
1) if hubby will forgive my temper tantrum,
2) if he can quell his urges to tell me I am wrong when it DOESN'T matter,
3) and if the challenge gods will skip us for a week and let us just live. Happily.


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

That last picture sums it up perfectly!

Kris said...

Next time call!!!!!!!!!!!!