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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whopper of All Jokes

Sigh. One of my favorite days has come and gone. April Fool's Day. This year, the whopper of jokes was played on hubby. By me. Here goes...

April Fool's Eve
Hubby came home late and was grumping at me over something. I decided since I was tired and already frustrated that he wasn't able to come home for dinner on the week that he wasn't traveling, I would rather spend the night reading in bed than listening to him pick a fight and then fight with him over nothing. So that is what I did.

The plotting begins.

April Fool's Morning
I woke up, got the kids ready, got their stuff ready, fed them, got myself ready. Almost off to the bus and work.

Hubby woke up, got himself ready, off to work.

(Hmmm.) Time to put my master plan to work.

April Fool's Mid-Morning
I arrived at work and the April Fool's Day jokes and stories were flying. At my first break, I emailed hubby to tell him that I was pregnant. In the emailed I explained that I would have told him the night before in person but he was late and CRANKY so there it is. The news...laid right out on email. He FREAKED. He freaked so much that he didn't ask me if it was a first.

April Fool's A Tiny Bit Later
Hubby's co-worker asked him what was wrong and he told him the news. Co-worker asked if it could be a joke b/c of the day. Hubby emailed me:

H:Is this a joke?
Me:No joke my friend.

Co-worker: Well?
H: (Totally lied to co-worker.) Yup, it's a joke. INSIDE, FREAKING OUT.

April Fool's High Noon
Hubby has emailed me twice, called me twice. I wrote back that I was teaching a class and couldn't talk. I would call him later. Co-worker asked him to go out for lunch. He said no. He couldn't eat. Too upset.

April Fool's Mid Afternoon
Hubby canceled one of his meetings. Too stressed to handle that issue at the time. Tries to reach me by email. No luck.

April Fool's Evening
Hubby came home at 5:30pm. Unheard of on the scale that is our life. He came in and walked right up to me. I (in the most evil manner) managed to put tears in my eyes.
H:Is this real?
Me: Yes.
Me: Yes.
H:Well, we aren't ready for this. We can't do this. You are going back to work. The kids are old. You told me you don't feel healthy for this. The doctor said it isn't safe.

On and on and on and on.

April Fool's A Tad Bit Later
H: Let's go outside and play baseball. (Forehead sweating.)

I called RLF, Kris, and discussed the ways I should tell him since it was definitely time to tell him. He was losing it.

Me: Hubby, do you want a beer? (Crack open a beer and hold out to him.)
H:It is going to take more than a beer to fix this!
Me: (Crack open a second beer and hold it up in the "cheers" stance.)
H:What are you DOING?
Me: What? I thought you would like to cheers the fact that we aren't pregnant?
H: Hides face, wipes eyes FURIOUSLY. Still denies to THIS DAY that he cried from frustration, happiness, RELIEF.

I know, I was pure evil. But it was SO fun.

April Fool's Day-The Morning After
H: You REALLY should not have done that. It wasn't NICE.

Happy April Fool's Day. Next year I might have to watch my back. :o)

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