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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ticks & Taxi

It starts as your normal sleepover. Middle & baby nephew were sleeping over last night. We had a ball. Played outside, inside & ordered pizza for dinner. They put on a play and concert and soon got ready for bed.

That is when cherub 2 said his head hurt. I checked the spot and found a tick. I started the de-ticking process but I COULDN'T GET IT ALL OUT! Since the tweezers are still in the land of lost things from our move, removing a stubborn tick with my hands, tissues and nail clippers was NOT working.


Because hubby was still on a plane and my closest neighbor is away, I called my sister's house to see if they could help. (I know, I know, I already felt stupid asking for help, don't rub it in.) BIL drove over, put on his CAPE and came to the rescue with his tweezers. After completion of operation de-ticking, BIL de-caped, said goodnight to my nephews, I thanked him and he went home.


That obviously made bedtime a little delayed making the cherubs were pretty tired. I sang the cherub's 2, 3 and baby nephew to sleep, then tucked in cherub 1 and middle nephew.


Middle nephew came downstairs in tears. He couldn't sleep. (Probably all our bug discussing from earlier was freaking him out on top of being overtired.) So, I gently wiped his tears and coaxed him back upstairs. He moved into the room with all the boys. Worked? Nope. In tears, he came down again. I gently wiped his tears and coaxed him back upstairs. We tried books, then a DS (hey, I was desperate), and called BIL. I was hoping if he said goodnight over the phone, he would be able to fall asleep. We called BIL back again. He tried, but middle nephew wanted to go home.


BIL put his cape back on, drove back here, again, to taxi middle nephew home. When they were leaving I joked that I would call him back in 30 minutes or so. That way he could come back AGAIN and maybe just hang out that time.

I tried to give Big Sis and BIL a nice night by taking the kids. In the end...notsomuch.


I feel itchy. I feel like the ticks are everywhere!

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