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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ask him how his morning went?

To read this post, you must know two things; one, not much at all razzles hubby in life and two, he is just getting over the flu and was still feeling feverish this morning.

Set the Scene:
I remind him that his tire is low.
He drives to gas station.
Fills tire with air.
Fills car with gas.
Fills himself with coffee.
Drives to work.

At 10:30am the phone rang. Now remember, nothing much razzles him out of his Cape Cod casual ways.

H: Hi. What are you doing right now?
(Hearing his panic, I thought my Dad had another heart attack.)
Me: What is wrong?
H: What are you doing?
Me: What does it matter! Honey, what is wrong?
H: Where are you?
Me: At home, why?
H: (Pauses.)
Me: Just tell me. What is wrong?
(Now I am freaking out on the inside.)
H: (Full fledge diarrhea of the mouth. All this came out in onebigbreath.) Well, you know how I don't feel that good? Well I got air, gas and coffee this morning. When I got to work I realized I didn't have my gas cap and then I couldn't remember taking the gas pump out of my car. OMG, I think I left it in my car and drove off. I tried to call the gas station and NO ONE WILL ANSWER. What if someone GOT HURT!? Can you drive over there right now?

(I then took my first breath realizing my Dad was fine. Yes, then I felt slightly panicked hubby may have drove off by accident with the pump in his car taking out innocent gas go-ers by causing a bad explosion or something.)

Me: Honey, call again. I am sure it is ok. Call me b-
H: (Interrupts me.) OMG, I will the Dunkin Donuts in the gas station. I'll do that.

(Click.) (Wait, wait, wait.) Next call:

Me: Did you reach anybody?
H: (Again, all in onebigbreath.) Yes, the Mobile is now a Gulf, that is why they didn't answer. They have the cap because someone found it and turned it in.
Me: Who cares about the dumb cap. Is everybody ok.
H: Yes. I asked if everything was ok and told him I may have drove off with the hose. He said everything was fine. Thank God. I was afraid I had hurt somebody.
Me: Maybe you should come home and go to bed. I think you might still be feverish.

I called him at 2:30pm just to make sure he was ok and didn't have any other major almost catastrophes. Clearly, he needs sleep and maybe a good antibiotic?

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