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Thursday, April 16, 2009

~because I said so~

Why is it that kids can push our buttons to the point where we feel like our heads might explode. Cherub 1 is better and is going to school today. I asked her to get in the shower (at least 5 times). She fought me, on and on, and on and on. Finally, exasperated, I rose my voice, and told her to "move it!" and get in the shower.

My mother used to say jump and I jumped, very high. What is wrong with this generation of kids that clearly feels like it is their right to question everything their parents ask them to do.

How about next time she questions me about going in the shower, I say this, "because I said so". Just like my mother did. There was no room for discussion. No debate. Nothing.

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More, More, More said...

I read once in a parenting book or magazine that "because I said so" is perfectly acceptable so I use it all the time! It's amazing how well it works!!