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Sunday, April 5, 2009

There is a First for Everything...Updated!

My Dad is Mr. Safety, Mr. On-Time. He is always early. Never procrastinates. He never lets his gas go under a 1/2 tank. Ever. He'll tell you, you never know when you will get lost or hit 2 hours of non-stop traffic. He always reminds us to watch out for the black ice and wet leaves when driving (or running). These pieces of advice always have kept us and our friends safer.

Today he stopped by with Mom to visit and was in MAJOR disbelief as hubby told him that his inspection sticker had expired in February-2 months ago! This never happens in Dad's world. Ever. He laughed, turned red and put it immediately on his list of to-do's for tomorrow. It's ok Dad, we've all done FAR WORSE.

UPDATE/Monday: Mom just called me laughing because when they got home from our house yesterday they found her sticker was expired as well! I told her to tell Dad to watch out because he was starting to make ME look organized (truly, being less organized than me would rattle him).

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