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Friday, May 29, 2009

SIX things for your SIXTH Birthday!

Dear Cherub 3,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are SIX years old today! Here is a picture of you in your new ATV drivers helmet. It is ALL you wanted for your birthday because it "looks like a Darth Vadar motorcycle helmet with a 'place' to talk through". Thank you Nana & Pop! You were so cute zooming around the neighborhood on your bike tonight wearing your new helmet. For fun, here is a bunch of SIX lists for your SIXTH birthday!

SIX things you did this past year that still make me laugh:
1)You are very literal~kind of Amelia Bedelia-ish minus the flighty-ness. One example is when you watered the Xmas tree by pouring a cup of water all over it.
2)You played your first real trick on me by telling me that you went on a field trip one day. You had so many details, I believed you. Imagination rocks!
3)You have been practicing for a school play-role elephant. It sounds like their are wild elephants running around the house!
4)You call yourself a 'good looker'. That means that you can find anything when you are looking for it.
5)You are learning numbers. I love this stage of made up ones: '80hundred'.
6)You have a very BIG vocabulary. Words like "terrible" are second nature to you.

SIX ways why you are super sweet:
1) You are always super kind, asking people how they are, helping others.
2) You literally exude happiness.
3) You genuinely try to get along with everyone. Always the peacemaker.
4) At the mere age of six, you are always giving genuine compliments to others.
5) Your smile warms the room. Your giggle is a side splitter.
6) You worship cherubs 1&2. :o) You are sensitive to others happiness.

SIX reasons why you are still my baby:
1)You still want to come in and cuddle with Daddy & I every morning.
2)You are a big kid who still sneaks his blankie (and thumb) at night.
3)You still sneak in a car nap so you can keep up with the big kids.
4)You will still give me hugs and kisses in public.
5)If you are unsure of something you still hide behind my back.
6)You love baseball and big kid stuff but when no one is looking you can't resist the 'baby' toys.

SIX things you want to be/do when you grow up:
1)(Be) A policeguy.
2)(Be) An ATV driver.
3)(Do) Buy a car.
4)(Do) Ride a motorcycle. (Yikes.)
5)(Do) Play football.
6)(Do) Buy 'skateboard' sneakers (scary looking ones).

I love you more than "60hundred" chocolate covered mountains!
Love, love, love you!