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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goldilocks Goes Jock

So, the typical afternoon. Rush out of work. Pick up kids. Start homework. Make dinner. Eat dinner. Clean up dinner. Dress cherub 2 for baseball. Deep breath because we are actually on time.

Notice that baseball bag is NOT in my trunk. (Note: the baseball & softball bags are KEPT in my trunk. If used, they are returned so that we are never without equipment for games and practices.)

Go back. Search garage. Sigh. Cherub 2 starts BAWLING. Call hubby.

Me: Do you have the bag?
H: Oh &*#%!
Me: Where are you? Can you meet us at the field?
H: I am on the highway. I won't make it on time.
Me: CLICK. (Yes, that WAS the hangup sound.)

I get back in car, rush to neighbors and beg to borrow their son's equipment. They lent cherub 2 two gloves so that he could try them on and see which one fits best. They SAVED US! Start driving to game (again).

Me: Ok buddy, I am passing back the two gloves. Try them on and see which one you like best. See which one fits you best.
Cherub 2: (CRIES.)
Me: It's ok pal, just try them on. One of them will fit.
Cherub 2: (Continues to CRY, LOUDER.) But(GASP)I(GASP)want(GASP)to(GASP)wear(GASP)MY(GASP)glove!
Me: I know buddy, just try them on. You can wear whichever one fits the best until Daddy can get there with your glove. Ok? Come on buddy, we've got to roll with it.
Cherub 2: CRIES.
Me: Please buddy?

Cherub 2: (Tries first glove on.) But this one is too BIG! (CRIES.)
Me: It's ok, try the other one on.
Cherub 2: (Tries second glove on.) But this one is too SMALL! (CRIES.)

This is when I fully expected someone to miraculously pull another glove out of thin air so that he could exclaim. "but this one feels just right!" Instead, I begged him to try them one more time and he agreed to use the small one and stop crying because let's face it, there's NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!

(Oh, and btw, once this season, I sent hubby & cherub 2 to a game an hour late by accident. I had the time wrong on my calendar. He gave me the business BIG TIME for about TWO weeks. He can NO LONGER give me the business~thou stealer of equipment.)

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Anonymous said...

I am notorious for having two sets of keys in my purse. Yes mine and DH's. I still don't know why it happens, my tunaboat of a key ring is way bling-bling and totally different than my husband's boring metal ring. I have suffered countless ridicule and fingerpointing due to this bad habit and when anything is missing around the house or out of place DH always says, "this reeks of litle dog....." Yes, I am the little dog in this scenario. Taking one look at Duane you can deduce who is the Big Dog in our family. Milk- it! Lauren