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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Drama of it All

Who needs a 13 year old teenage girl when you can get all the sassiness wrapped up in the package of a 9 year old one? It has been a long week my friends. Long. Here is our little drama queen's escapade of the day:

Scene: After school, with nothing on the calendar, we are finally free to enjoy a trip to the library to get our habitat and animal project books. Both cherubs 1&2 have school projects due in June.

After arriving, cherub 2 is thrilled and ecstatic (really, I am not kidding) to learn how to use the reference computer and locate the books that he needed on a tropical rainforest. We actually had fun picking them out and picture walking through the books. He settled down in a comfy chair to start reading on his own (when did he get so old?) and to figure out his favorite facts.

Cherub 1 chose orangatangs. Then red eyed frogs. Then. Then. Then. You get the picture. So after she had gone through (and picked out the books for) three or four different animals she changed her mind AGAIN and wanted to do some wafoo or fazoo or whatever it is called from Madagascar. Yup, you guessed it. They didn't have any reference material on the whatchamacallit. So, the sulking begins and then she is fixated. It is the whatchamacallit or nothing. (Sure honey, let me make books magically appear. Moms have superpowers.) In turn, AND AFTER 1 1/2 HOURS AT THE LIBRARY, I told her it was an animal that they had books about or nothing. So in the end, we left WITH NOTHING. I had to though, had to teach her that you can't throw fits and get what you want. You act like that and we leave.

That is right. To recap, almost 2 hours in the library and SQUAT. So, the consequences of sticking to my guns? She was mad ALL night. Miserable through dinner, after dinner, the bedtime routine. She was MAD AT THE WORLD. Mean to me, her brothers, and just plain grumpy. I went upstairs when she should have already been ready for bed and found her in my room. Asking her what she was doing she YELLED, "I was writing you an apology letter! Why don't you read it already!" Then she whipped it at me. Best apology ever. Having something thrown at me. Nice. Ok tired one, time for bed.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who is the biggest drama queen
Of them all?

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