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Monday, July 7, 2008

Stuffed Up

I figured that I would start your day off with a little chuckle. I have an interview this morning for a 2nd grade position in a town near mine. I have my (borrowed from little sis) Ann Taylor suit ready to go, extra copies of resumes and reference sheets printed, thoughts all put together in my head when it hit me...

little sis has THE shoes, in her trunk, on her weekend away.

You are thinking, big deal, they were black heals. Put on one of the other 10 pair you have. Ehhhh. I was borrowing her 'suit length was taylored to fit the height' high heeled sling backs. (Spelled out...the pants drag on floor in other shoes that are too short.)

Here is the funny part.

Her shoes are already too big for me. The 'perfect' heels were slingbacks with an adjustable back, so I could manage them. So, I dug in her closet, got out the closest matching pair that I could find and STUFFED them paper towels to KEEP THEM ON. The good news my mom says is I certainly won't be thinking about the interview and how nervous I am.

I will be thinking about not falling out of my stuffed shoes.

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