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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't Break the Seal

Most of us know this saying from our 20's (and some of us a little earlier). After a couple of cocktails, you have to wait to break the seal (go potty) otherwise you'll spend half the night in the potty. I am not sure how this works but I know that the longer you wait the first time, the less you spend your night in the potty at the bar. is a new spin on breaking the seal. Member my recent post about McDonalds and how I needed YOUR HELP? Well, I broke the seal. I went. I know, your disappointed, nervous, wondering-will she revert back to the Coke drinking slug she was?

I am actually glad I overcame my fear. Went. Drank. Over it. I enjoyed my BEST EVER Coke and I am ok. I realized that my love for the Coke never went away but my desire to lose my weight is FINALLY greater! I still have a "weighs" to go but at least I know I can have one coke and not lose my mind!

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