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Monday, July 28, 2008

Down Cape- Post One

Family on vacation together! Loving every minute. Favorite doin's so far:

Canoe ride through the marshes- Hubby and I took the cherubs for a peaceful canoe ride. Taught the cherubs some words to "Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby! Rock the boat, don't tip the boat ova!" Lot's of giggles. Minus one splinter-the perfect morning.

Adult activities of night one- Baby Sis, Hubby, Life long friend W and myself played cards and had a few cocktails. The night started off with W telling the story of how his grill knobs MELTED off while he was cooking dinner that night. As you can imagine we all got lots of mileage from his knobs. How are your knobs??

Secret Trail- It never ceases to marvel me how much fun life is with hubby. We took the cherubs for a bike ride after dinner. After exploring our little neighborhood we thought we might be heading home when hubby finds a 'secret bike trail'. I NEVER would have tried it. EVER. I know that is sad, but that is me. I would have NOT KNOWN WHAT WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE. He hops right on and we all follow. It comes out into this fabulous HUGE neighborhood where we play cops and traffic around the rotary (aka-dead end circle), splash through puddles, and sang our way around for an hour. It's not the what that was on the other side-it was the adventure of it.

All Dolled Up- Cherub 1 came out ready for our dinner out the other night, all dawled up in MAKEUP! I thought hubby was going to have a fit (member, she is 8). It was all her play makeup-except the RED lipstick. Off we went to the restaurant with our little harlot!

Cheating- Cherub 2 cheats in every game just like hubby and MIL. This fact is simply hilarious because neither one of them actually taught him how to cheat but he just knows how. This is doubly ironic because he is the kid that looks JUST LIKE BOTH OF THEM. He looks like them, walks like them, is 'right' like them etc. He was moving his ships around while playing Battleship with cherub 1. She was having a fit because she couldn't sink any ships! No wonder, they were moving!

Dead & Love- Cherub 3 has two new obsessions: death and love. He constantly asks, "Mom, if you are 100 will you be dead?" "If you are 120 will you be dead?" "Mom, look at this dead horseshoe crab?" "Mom, look. I chopped the dead horseshoe crab up (kind of Jeffrey Darmer like)." On a lighter note he "loves everyone and this house". He has told me twice since we came here that he is moving here. He daily chants to me (just like FIL) "It is a beautiful Cape Cod day!" He loves you, and you, and you, and you, and you (etc).

Daddyness- All cherubs and myself are basking in the daddyness of vacation. "No work for daddy this week."

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! We did too!