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Monday, July 14, 2008

Do you fit the mold?

As I purchased some new homes (spelled out-bras) for the sistas online tonight, I thought back to a recent conversation I had with cherub 1. She wanted to know why sometimes she fit in a size 6x, sometimes an 8 and sometimes a 10?? Honestly, I couldn't tell ya kid is what I wanted to say. I tried to explain how different companies made clothes differently but I then couldn't explain why it didn't work that way for the boys. They are cosistently the same size.

So, when housing the sistas what works in one manufacturer, like Olga, doesn't work in another, possibly maidenform. You can only shop for them on the internet if you know the brand, size and model number.

How many sizes can one girl be? Shouldn't there be rules for the clothes companies?? Maybe a mold or model of sorts to work around?? That way an 8 is an 8 is an 8??

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