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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Perfect Summer Day

Ahhhh. It is finally summer. Although summer started about a month ago, it is officially summer today because we packed up and went to the beach.

Traveling with K & Kids, the day was perfect! Lots of sand, waves, giggles, and just enough sun to relax us all!

Things we learned today:
1) Sunscreen is required even on a mom's back.
2) Greenheads are groas-and they sting. Always carry benedryl!
3) Kids can giggle and dig holes on the beach for hours.
4) Adults need to be careful not to fall into these DEEP holes.
5) Watching lifeguards save someone is 'kindof creepy' per cherub 1.
6) 'Ah, ah!' while jumping the waves really means 'It's cold but I love it anyway!'
7) The younger ones always want to sit next to the older ones.
8) Icecream melts fast.
9) Buttpaste & powder is priceless for the boybathingsuit rash.
10)If your chair is missing a screw, it is bound to collapse.
11)Something about that sea air- it tires the cherubs out!
12)There is nothing like the beach.
13)There is nothing like summer.
14)There is nothing like friends.

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