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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Trivialness

So now that life is back to normal caos, in lieu of trauma, I can write once again about trivial, non-important, important onlytome things.

*I am drinking a(nother) beer right now. Hubby & I were in a holding pattern for about two weeks when we recently realized that I was about 2 weeks late. Yup. You read it right. We thought we were with child. Again.Again.Again.Again. That would have made 4. Tonight, we found out-notpregnant. So, aside from the fact that I wasted ALOT of money taking 5(or6) pregnancy tests over the last two weeks, all the worry was for not. Not that we wouldn't have loved another baby to pieces but yes, we were toasting our freedom from starting over tonight.

*The nerve of NBC to cancel Lipstick Jungle. I was never a Brooke Shields fan, however, I love this show, love all the characters-even her. So far, it was awesome, not just because the men were hot. Reports stated 4.2 million viewers. How many do you need to stay afloat??

*Hubby & I got in a food fight tonight after I was yipping about how his generation of men are barely gentlemen. Oh you know it's true. They have their moments where they might remember not to slam the door in our faces or might even open one for us but they have let 'being a gentlemen' slip in priority. So...he was blowing our conversation off so I smooshed a tomato and whipped it at him. This led to ALL our tomatoes, lettuce and leftover rice. It was actually really fun. Cherub 1 was cracking up. I of course told her, don't ever do this at school!

*Last night there were 5 potty accidents in this house. I only have THREE kids. You do the math. What is going on? As you can imagine, I am exhausted from our night olympics. Sleep, wake, change bed, change pjs, sleep, wake, change.......5 times. It is like having newborns. I spent my day today in laundry hell trying to wash all the bedding just to get to the regular laundry. Whateva. We are stumped. Have we failed as parents? Why are two of my children consistently wetting the bed an the other sometimes. I am sure they will love this post when they are older. Sorry!

Signing off, must watch Grey's.

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