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Monday, November 17, 2008


Cherub 2 has had a huge transition year since he started grade 1. Unfortunately, since he is really holding it together at school now, he is consistently losing it at home. He is like a time bomb in one of the cartoons. Just waiting to explode.

I having been reading, reading, reading, learning, learning, learning ways to prevent his meltdowns and to give him the "tools" he needs to deal with his emotions so that he doesn't do this:

Scene: Friends 1st Bday Party

After having a great time at the party, cherub 2 tries to stack his crafts together to carry them home. I already staved off one meltdown and let him 'finish' another craft. I could feel the shift in his mood. It was time. He was about to explode. Time to pack up. Too late, crafts fell...


He SCREAMED AS IF SOMEONE WAS RIPPING OFF HIS ARM and the party fell silent for a second and politely moved on with its business.

While I was calmly asking him to take a deep breath (one of our tools), a friend of mine offered him a plate to lay his crafts out on. (THANK YOU.)

I could tell he was using ALL HIS MIGHT to hold in another scream as I tried to quickly get his shoes on so we could exit with what little grace we had left. Plate starts to fall, SCREAMS AGAIN LIKE WE WERE RIPPING HIS OTHER ARM OFF.

Kaboom. Again. (Grace Gone.)

Quickly tied shoes and scooted out the door.

It is hard to be a mom. I know he just wants me to make it better. He needs me to help him figure out how to deal with his anger. His frustration. His kaboom moments.

But, it is hard to be a wife too. I am trying really hard to avoid the wedge it puts between Hubby & I as well. Hubby is telling me it is my lack of follow through, discipline that is the problem. He's more like...tough love. I got the "he doesn't do that when I am around". Yay, I can be perceived as a push over when it comes to him b/c he can be quite disruptive to our life when he loses it. I avoid kaboom like the plague. I try to head off the tantrums. Maybe I am not doing such a good job at it. BUT, I am trying.

So, I will keep reading, learning and hopefully I can help him learn how to deal with his emotions. That is what I care about the most.

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