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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sensory Poem
~written by cherub 1

Thanksgiving looks like people shouting at the tv while they watch football.
Thanksgiving sounds like everybody saying a prayer one at a time.
Thanksgiving smells like a giant table covered with delicious food.
Thanksgiving tastes like a feast fit for about 10 families.
Thanksgiving feels like hugging my family as they walk in my house.

I Am Thankful Book
~written by cherub 2

I am thankful for many things.
I am thankful for the turkey that I eat.
I am thankful for the baseball shirt that I wear.
I am thankful for the house that I live in.
I am thankful for the Star Wars toys that I play with.
I am thankful for the whole world that I love. And everyone in it.
I am thankful for the new President Barack Obama.

I received a card from Big Sis and I loved the wording...need to share:
I'm thankful
for people who show
their goodness,
for those who share
their generous spirit
and live a life
of kindness
and gentleness...
I thank God
for you.

I do thank God for my family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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