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Friday, November 28, 2008

Elves and Gustapos

Even though you haven't finished your leftover turkey, it is time to get those deals. The malls were filled with elves today, Santa's elves. We come out in droves at 4,5,6,7am (6am for us) and join the race to get the best deals on Black Friday. K & I got our best deals at Target.

Aside from elves there are the grinches. Many of those. Here is a question for all the grumpy people out there. If you are the type of person that can't handle crowds and lines, why do you come? K & I on the hand are the jolly elves. Cracking up at every turn. We were on a mission, focused, but still, stuff is funny. Like why does cherub 2 want pet shop? (I know they are cute animals.) Cherub 3 told him that they were for girls cuz they are pink. It took me forever to find a castle that is mostly orange. Who cares anyway?

Then there are the gustapos. That is right. We met the Nintendo DS gastapo and saw the escalator gastapos. We were the nice shoppers, gazing merrily at the pretty, colorful wall filled with DS games. When up from behind, her temper rose. "You can look at them over here!!" pointing to a rack nearby. Not seeing any games on that rack we liked, we started gazing at the wall again. The gastapo SCOLDED us and pretty much demanded we look on the rack. Twice. Like the mug I saw today said, no merry without coffee. Maybe she forgot her coffee this morning. Apparantly it is an elf-eat-elf world out there because they had escalator gastapos on both ends of the Target escalators. They were making sure you didn't steal someone else's deals.

How did our parents shop without cell phones? How many cell phones were jammed while Black Friday ensues? Big Sis & I called each other constantly as we found deals in different stores. SIL texted with me back and forth all afternoon. Deals? What does he want? I found these? Where are you?

Deals found. Fun had. Big breakfast with K before we snuck home with our loot. This elf is tired. I need to go sneak my deals into the North Pole and then catch some zzzzzz's.

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