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Thursday, November 6, 2008


One would think packing is easy. However, when you are a packrat, packing can not be done until you go through and huck half the stuff. Maybe that is why hubby and I move every couple of years. It's kind of like spring cleaning to us. :o)

Cherub 1- I tried to pack some of her room with her two days ago and we got NOWHERE. Everything I tried to get rid of she was like "no, that is my string from my shirt that I had when I was zero years old". Seriously. I will be packing my little packrats room when she is at school. Pack pile. Huck it pile. I wonder where she gets her packrat gene?? Hmmmm.

Cherub 2- Won't pack because he "likes this house". I told him that he will love his new house. He asked me if we could take everything. Even the rugs mommy, I want to take the rugs. I like our rugs. (Ok, crazy. You have never even NOTICED our rugs before.) Moving him might be tough. Maybe he'll handcuff himself to this house (with his play handcuffs) and have a sit-in.

Cherub 3- Can we take my (4 million) stuffed animals? Yes. (Even though I was going to huck, huck away.) That is what he has packed. That is it. He is way more interested in the tape. Can we tape yet, can we tape yet?

Must go put laundry away so I can sleep. Bed covered. Bummer. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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