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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Modern Child

My daughter begged me a moment ago to sit down and watch ICarly. Since we have been on the go all weekend, I said sure. I peeked over and she was fast forwarding the credits in the beginning of her show. She lives in a world where she can DVR her fav show and then not be inconvenienced by credits or commercials. Too funny.

She would never understand that I grew up in a world without cable. The REALLY BIG tv had a dial that had 5 stations (4,5,7,56,38). My big sis used to make me turn the channel...there were no remote controls. Being the big sis she also trumped me with picking shows and we always had to watch MASH. Blech. I remember when my parents finally got our first vcr. We thought we were sooooo cool.

Yup, now I have even bored myself with my howitusedtobe story.

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