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Monday, April 28, 2008


I know, you have all been biding time, pining away waiting for my TX stories. Here's a quick one for you. TX was our free trip consisting of the following: 2 free airline tickets (won at a golf tournament-lucky), 3 free airline tickets (miles earned with constant hubby traveling), free hotel (miles earned with constant hubby traveling). Other than meals, car rental and a little entertainment we were pretty happy with our carefree, fun, 'free' trip. Until the last 12 hours.

Free. No large expenses until we got caught in the big storm. You know the one with hail, rain, up to 50 mph winds and tornado warnings. We were literally driving right into it the last night when we were trying to get to Dallas so we could fly out in the early am. We eventually couldn't see a thing on the road so we pulled off and found a suite to stay in. Free, notsomuch.

Fun. No worries at the beach, aquarium, rainforest, lotsonaps, reading, swimming, hot tub, hysterical Mexican dinner or movies. Until...cherub 2 gets a 104 degree fever and the big D. Up all night and unless you are wondering, that equals a bathroom trip every ten minutes for me and cherub 2-while hubby snored on the free plane. Fun, notsomuch.

Free. Early morning (4:30am) we leave for the airport from our not-free hotel and we think, great, the storm is gone, we are safe, the price wasn't so bad. Until, flashing lights. Hubby going 84 in a 60. Almost a $400 speeding ticket. Free,notsomuch.

So, until that last 12 hours, fun and free. Memories, priceless.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

You are so random! I had NO IDEA you were even in Texas!