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Monday, June 15, 2009

June 13th~ Happy Birthday Cherub 2!

Happy Birthday buddy. I love you more than a zillion chocolate covered mountains! Seven? How did that happen?

SEVEN reasons I love you:
1)Every morning you wake up filled with sunshine, song, and smiles. You truly wake up with full expectations that you will have a great day. Every day.
2)You can brighten anyone's darkest days with your goof ball humor.
3)Your air guitar skills rival those of your favorite band, KISS.
4)Your heart is SO BIG, it loves so much. You love your family, friends, hobbies, pets, stuff...all SO much. You openly show your love. You wear your emotions on your sleeve (just like me).
5)You are predictable, right down to your every little ocd habit.
6)You are a homebody, a mini-Daddy, and a momma's boy.
7)You amaze me with your strength, kindness, humor, creativity, happiness.

SEVEN adjectives that describe you:
6)Super smart

SEVEN reasons the first six years may have seemed long (oh come on, I must share my humor with my little guy who is filled with humor himself):
1)You like to stay up late and wake often during the night.
2)At any moment I would find your name, written with a sharpie, on a wall-or door.
3)That twinkle in your eye was a dead give away to trouble.
4)I had poison control on speed dial because you got into EVERYTHING.
5)You have a system for everything. A little invisible ocd schedule. If I mess with it...a tantrum was inevitable.
6)If I said left. You said right.
7)You officially broke at least half of cherub 1's toys or trophies. I had to lock her room for about a year.

Here are some pics from your special day!

You requested "to sleep in while mommy works really hard to make pancakes like we made her on Mother's Day". Daddy made the pancakes, you decorated them, and we all had fun. :o)

Tech Deck Dudes were your favorite gifts (little funny looking skate board dudes that go skate boarding on cool ramps).

Just hanging around!

Slip N Slide with sis, bro, & neighborhood buddies!

After your big game we took you out for your favorite meal, spaghetti & meatballs!

Make a wish (for the second time that day)!

We love you buddy!

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