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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Display of Love

As the school year winds down, the cherubs are bringing home all their work from the year. Each has brought home an awesome art portfolio. We love seeing all their creative pieces. This reminds me of five years ago when...

Cherub 1 had brought home all her beautiful art work. The home we lived in at the time had an office with (grody, old fashioned, but in good shape) wide, bead board walls. It was a room we never got around to sprucing up. I came home from a day with the girls and hubby had NAILED each and EVERY piece of cherub 1's art pieces to the wall.

Now, before you go, "Ohhh, that is SO sweet!", stop. He NAILED them, haphazardly, into the wall creating about FIFTY holes in the wall. So, instead of a wonderful, artful display, it looked like crap. However, it looked more like crap when we took them all down to show the house. Yup, those 50 holes in the wall looked GREAT.

It wasn't funny then but somehow, looking back, I can see his sweetness and his intentions. I love that hubby loves his cherubs and wants to display his pride for their work~ even in his haphazard fashion.

I will be in charge of hanging the artwork in our new home. :o)

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