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Friday, February 20, 2009

Pet Heaven

OMG, a gruesome discovery. Petey III (our bird) is dead. We were cleaning/sterilizing the house (AGAIN since 4 our of 5 of us have had a version of the flu this week) and cherub 2 went to dust the windowsill that Petey's cage sits on...then he screamed!

As much as I didn't want or need a bird, I still sobbed as I held cherub 1, while she sobbed. I feel so bad that she is so sad! Cherub 2 is 'nervous' asking what happens to Petey now. Cherub 3 said, "I loved Petey. I am sad he is DEAD.' I assured all of them that Petey is now is Pet Heaven just like Sully, Muffin (my family dogs), Mindy, Oreo (hubby's family dogs) and all the other pets.

I am still trying to figure out when she died (yes, Petey is a she/don't ask) b/c she was chirping all week. I was sick yesterday so I can't remember if she was chirping away as usual? Petey is awaiting burial in a shoe box, (placed in by tongs that will now be tossed which btw was a gruesome process that made me giggle out of nervousness and made the boys laugh hysterically) covered by paper towel 'blankets'.

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