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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Top Ten

Top Ten Details of My Day that I know you'll be jealous of...

10. Riding in the car to drop off kids at school today felt like an OUTING.

9. While at orthopedic surgeons office today, cherub 1 PUKED.

8. The ankle's healing process is progressing too s.l.o.w.l.y. for doctor's liking.

7. So, he fit me for a 'boot cast' to wear if it was COMFORTABlE. On it goes.

6. Boot casts KILL if you have this particular injury. Off it went.

5. 780 boxes of Girl Scout cookies have invaded my dining room. Cookie mom.

4. Cherub 1 continued to puke. ALL day.

3. It's 8:22pm and I am exhausted from trying to WALK today.

2. Cherub 1's friend that she was with yesterday just came down with LICE.

1. Doc says I can drive, short distances, only if I have to. Hubby & I agree that I should stick to driving my wheelchair for the next couple of days.

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