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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Before we get to the RE-ENTRY...


There is no feeling in the world like leaving for vacation. Doesn't even matter where you are going really. Over here where we try to keep our scale balanced, vacations are precious. With hubby traveling every other week, we don't get alot of that family time anymore. So a week away ~together~ is the best! We headed to Seabrook, N.H. for a week~ our annual trip to Nana & Pop's beach house. We are lucky, because BabySis always join us for at least half the week.

We had a week filled with family, sandy toes, wave ridin', walks to the rocks, castle building, arcade games, go-carts, water rides, beach juice and lots-o-fun on our adventure!

Grammy & Grammy Visit
Bocci on the Beach with G&G

Aunt N & Cousin E watched the Bocci challenge with me...

Turtle first, turned into a GREAT BIG DINOSAUR!

MIL (Grammy) helping cherub 1 work up the courage for the go-carts...

FIL (Grampy) & Cherub 3~ holding their own!

Hubby & Cherub 2~ determined to win the race!

Cherub 1 & I~ going...really...slow...per...cherub 1's....begging!

BabySis joined us just in time for the last race!

Arcade fun~

Cashin in...

Side note: on day two of the arcade escapades, I turned around to find Cherub 2,
"aka Mr. Independent", trading in his tickets all by himself to get his prize. ALL he wanted was goofy eyeballs!

Cherubs & Cousins...beach, fireworks, flashlight tag...lots o giggles!
One is NEVER too old for 'don't let the wave get ya'!

Hubby's box-o-fireworks...what a bang!

Can you see it?

Cherub 3 huggin Pops in between displays...

Cherubs 2&3 blocking out the bang!

Beach sparklers...

Beach Olympics
Hubby, BabySis & I enjoyed beach juice as the cherubs jumped over the REALLY big beach hole...we cheered and cracked up as they did tricks...
cherub 2

cherub 3

cherub 1

Soon I cheered hubby & BabySis on as they joined the fun (many a beachjuice in)...

Last day adventure...

Thank you Nana & Pops (me mum & dad), we had a great week, as always! Poor Nana, suffering from a root canal gone bad the whole week did her best to have some fun. We will miss you until you return after Labor Day! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

So, after a wonderful trip with Nana, Pops, and BigSis, hubby & I packed up the cherubs to take them home. We were all tanned and happy. Cherub 3 cried when he left. Just like him, I wanted to stay at the beach forever. However, it wouldn't be so special if we were there everyday! We packed up and got in the car JUST IN TIME...the hurricane that was wizzing towards New England brought a nasty stomr right to the beach. Made it a little easier to re-enter the world. As we left the beach the last time for the season, I had the cherubs turn as always and exclaim, "Bye Beach! See you next time!" We will be dreaming of the sounds of the waves and the tickle of the sand between our toes until we meet again.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Sounds like a great family vacation! See you Sunday at the Landers?