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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to the 80's!

Last Saturday night was girls night! It was a gorgeous night in the city. A perfect night to enjoy cocktails and dinner outside and enjoy and outside concert. Flashback to the 80's~ we headed to see Blondie and Pat Benatar! Here are some snap shots of the night...with a few quick laughs.

The night starts by all of us kidnapping RLF, C. She was in town with her family and were on the awesome deck of a restaurant ordering cocktails and apps. Text, we are here. Text, come with. Next thing you know, she has entered the 80's.

Celebrate Friends
This is a great pic of BigSis and her college roomies. Such a great one!

Chocolate Cherries?
C,C, & I were the last ones to leave the restaurant. On the way to the concert we stopped in to the neighborhood store for contact solution~for the kidnapped one. We stocked up on chocolate for late night. Hey, girls will be girls. PS- How many times did that lady count the chocolate cherries?

Dare- not truth!
A conspiring bunch. We were left to our devices after half the group went off to sing to Blondie. Before she went off to see Blondie, BigSis saw a group with matching black and pink t-shirts on. They were all part of a bachelorette party. C vowed to wear one of the shirts by the end of the night. BigSis said there was no way. C&I agreed, why does she doubt C? It became a challenge. Of course, C had the t-shirt on within 20 minutes! She is hysterical!

80's Flashback
Here are just two people of the MANY that took the 80's concert seriously. I was trying to do the whole "C, pose over here so I can pretend to take your picture thing" (not for this couple but another chick). C cracked me up as she just walked right over and ASKED the girl if she could take her picture! OMG. We laughed and ran away! Notice the comb in his back pocket!

All together...a blast!

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