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Monday, December 1, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas

Poor cherub 3, he woke up puking again.

After conferring with the doctor, we think that he probably is not suffering from the flu-ishness that was attacking our home for a week or so ago. He is experiencing the same freaky issues as last year. If just tuning in to our crazy world, last year he puked for 3 months and underwent ALOT of tests (blood tests, CAT scans, you name it). They found nothing and 'hoped' it was reflux and tried Zantac.

Zantac, the miracle drug. From the moment he went on it, he never puked again. Trust me, after THREE months, that is a miracle. We took him off of it in the late spring b/c he wasn't having any more symptoms.

It is all back.

The freaky thing? When doc & I reviewed the records on the phone, we realized he started puking within 2 calendar days of the date that it began last year?? It is kind of like ground hog day(year) around here.

We are going to a 'big city' doctor Thur for a consult. My poor little bug. I just want him to feel better.

* Note: St Quiggly the elf was actually found on our shelf!

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