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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's really in your nest?

Big Sis and I have a morbid agreement. If one of us dies, the other will rush over and clean out "that closet" before all the relatives get to our home to gather. You know, the closet or space that everything gets shoved into when you are having a party or if you are just being plain lazy when picking up. The pile of, ahem, stuff that needs to be sorted through but NEVER does until either 1)the closet won't close anymore 2)the crap falls out when the door opens or 3)a good friend opens the closet door by mistake and you feel mortified. So having said that, it seems like lately, ALL my closets are "that closet".

So, here I am, nesting. Nesting~ traditionally this action takes place right before a woman gives birth to her babies. A time when she cleans every closet, organizes, purges, makes everything ship-shape. I am nesting. Big time. I am on a mission to rid myself of dig myself out from under the 39 years of clutter and disorganization that I have bequested upon my home.

Do you know how many pens I found in the "craft bin". Let's just say, I'll never buy a pen , crayon, sticky, sticker, or googly eye again. I won't even tell you how many mittens were in this house! I have donated enough mittens to keep half of our state warm next winter.

One closet, one corner, one room, one bin at a time, our house is going to be like new!

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Sarahviz said...

You're baaaack! Loving the redesign here!