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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MB's Back

So it has been years since this chick has entered a road race. To be specific, it has been 6. That's right, I ran a road race a few months after cherub 3 was born and then I seemed to stop running when I unknowingly entered the race to become big and fat. Not anymore.

Sunday, I ran in the 1st of a 3-part running series. It was an Irish run, so naturally it started and ended at a pub.

Here's a quick recap of the race:

Hubby backed out of the race the morning of. Determined to do it, that didn't stop me.

40ish min wait for bathroom, I was in the MEN'S room (hey all the rules go out the door when you have to go and your limited on time) when the gun sounded. That's right, I wasn't there for the line up. Didn't let that stop me either, I hopped out of the bathroom, onto the street, saw the runner's waaaaayyyyy down the street and just started running to catch up.

Realized after the first few minutes that I was STILL running up hill.

Still running up.

Still running up. Questioning, is there a top to this hill?

Reached the top of the hill, rounded the corner and saw the cone saying '1 mile'. Yes, the first WHOLE mile was UP HILL.

Since I managed not to stop going up hill for a mile, all my nerves left me because I realized I could do it.

Ran. Mile 2.

Ran. Started seeing people running towards me. That is when I smiled knowing that I must be near the end. You know, all the CRAZY runners that run the other way after they hit the finish line (to show off) ehem, to get just a little bit more exercise in because the run wasn't long enough for them.

Ran faster.

FINISH LINE! For me a record, 34 min 10 seconds!

Cherub 2 asked me if I came in first. I told him I came in 142nd. He made a horrified face. I told him how wonderful that was. He looked at me like I was crazy. But for me, I finished. That was the beauty. No more entering the "race" to get big and fat. Now I am just in a big fat good mood knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Can't wait for the 4 mile and 5 mile. Can't wait to assemble the other two thirds of this medal together. MB's back (even if I run in the back-wink)!

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