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Friday, July 10, 2009

Nana Day (Wed)

With the cherubs finally feeling better we picked up Nana and headed to our favorite breakfast diner! (Hey, when everyone has been sick for days, no one shopped for food. Diner or go hungry. We chose Mickey Mouse pancakes.) The cherubs ate up a storm after their basic three day diet of Popsicles and soup. Cherub 2 exclaimed as he was finishing his FIFTH pancake, "I am ALMOST full mom!" So funny.

We headed to a shoe store (THE FIRST TIME) for new sneakers. Cherub 3 has been begging for his long awaited "skate-board" sneakers (Hubby gave in, not me). You know the ones that the kids leave untied. Blech. They are groas looking but whatever. He LOVES them! According to hubby, "he is a good kid, he never does anything wrong and NEVER asks for anything. Just buy them." Ok. Cherub 2 got new "fast" sneakers and Nana treated cherub 1 to her first pair of coveted Skecher hi-tops. However, we got them home and they seemed too big for her so we headed back to the store. After trying on what seemed like 750 (thousand) pairs of sneakers, for an HOUR, cherub 1 was ecstatic to have found the PERFECT pair! How can they be described? words can, here is the best way:

I think the picture speaks volumes-LOUD and clear. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them. Thank you Nana! (I am waiting for the circus tent to go up so they can worn in their natural habitat.)

So happy to have the cherubs feeling better. Great "Nana Day". :o)

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